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Asset Based Carrier & FTL Transport

Reliable logistics with dependable equipment and full truckload capabilities

With multiple terminals in the Twin Cities and Kansas City, MO, Murphy Warehouse Company is committed to owning and operating one of the best asset-based fleets in North America. Murphy’s experienced drivers set the team apart from the competition. Our drivers are exceptional and this clearly shows when they deliver. Our last touch is providing a great customer experience from start to finish.

Customer Services & Communication

Murphy’s experienced fleet provides exceptional customer service and operations. Multiple teams and resources allow our fleet to:

  • Flex capacity
  • Pass savings on to client partners
  • Deliver reliable results

Murphy’s state-of-the-art equipment and maintenance program ensures that the fleet is reliable and always ready to serve your needs. All trucks have multiple communication capabilities, like satellite tracking and on-board communications. Murphy can pinpoint your freight location all the time, every time.

Murphy’s policy is to protect the environment and the health and safety of its employees, customers, and the public. This fleet strives to conduct all these activities in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Every day, Murphy customers move their goods from our warehouses to destinations all over the country. We use our asset based fleet of Murphy trucks to help them do this and offer FTL transport services. Operating out of Iowa, Minnesota’s Twin Cities, and the Kansas City, Missouri, area, we help you get your goods to where they need to be.

Advantages of Using an Asset Based Carrier

There are many benefits to working with a reliable asset based carrier like Murphy Logistics.

  • Reliability
  • cost-effectiveness
  • and liability

It is easier for carriers to maintain high standards when they control more variables, such as managing their own equipment and employing their own drivers. 

These same factors also make it easier for the carrier to manage costs effectively. At the same time, all liability for any issues is centralized in one company. And our model of managing our own fleet plus partnering with other carriers gives us the flexibility to offer customers the best of both worlds.

What is FTL Transport?

FTL stands for ‘Full Truck Load.’ As the name implies, it involves shipping enough goods to fill up a truck’s entire cargo area. This is in contrast to LTL or ‘Less Than Truck Load,’ which means that your goods only fill up part of the cargo area, so you share the space with other shippers.

The main benefit of shipping FTL is that your goods go directly to their destination since you are the only one using the cargo area. As such, they will arrive more quickly at their intended destination. The desire for this simple and direct option is why we offer FTL transport at Murphy.

Partner with Murphy Logistics for FTL Transport

No matter how large or small your shipments are, we can handle it. Murphy Logistics has served the Midwest for over 118 years. We are a customer-focused, woman-owned company, and we further enhance our efforts by using the EOS operating system. Consult with our logistics professionals to help you find the best answers by contacting our team at 612-260-9442 today.